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Here, you can see the difference between using a professional photography service like us VS using your own camera, or even another professional real estate photographer. Want to WOW a potential client on a listing interview? Just tell them how over 90% of all buyers are using the internet to shop for a home. Then tell them how your using us to make sure they get the best Pixel Appeal possible! The days of curb appeal are long gone and now it's Pixel Appeal. Using us helps you to land that listing, get the listing sold faster, for more money, and makes you look good!





This house on the left lists for nearly $1.5 Million near down town Houston, and with a shot from the curb, it looks like a 1500 sq foot house.


With our photos, now potential clients can see this house has been added onto, and boasts over 5000 sq feet with a pool on one side, and a 7 car garage on the other side.


The normal professional real estate photographer still has to take 4 to 5 photos to show the same information we can show with one of our aerial images. Looking at the two photos on the left. It almost doesn't even look like the same house. 




Once again look at these two homes. They almost don’t even look like the same house. This home listed for nearly $400k. The before photo from the curb makes the home look small. Potential buyers were not coming to visit this home wondering why it was priced so high.


After the seller complained to the agent she found us. With our aerial shot, potential buyers can now see the value of the beautiful home that is situated with direct access to a premier fishing spot in Clear Lake, Texas.




Impressed yet with our before and after shots? If you think our outside aerial photos are nice, then check out our professional interior photos.


Can you imagine getting a $7 million dollar listing, and then trying to take your own photos with a basic point and shoot camera? Look at how dark and terrible this study looks

Our photographer studied photography in college and has been shooting professional photos for almost 30 years, now for many magazines. 17 years ago we went through the process of selling and buying a home in Texas. Our photos allowed us to get our asking price the first week it was on the market when our realtor told us we were over priced compared to the competition. Then on the flip side, we bought a home that we almost didn’t go look at because the photos were so good! We understand the importance of good photos, and how important they can be to selling a home. 

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